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Inquire About Cost & Session Openings

One on one training offers the personalization, accountability, and customization to reach any health and fitness goal. One on one is for those looking to make a massive change in their health and desire the increased accountability and coaching a one on one coach provides.



We tailor one on one workout sessions directly to your needs. If you’re looking to accomplish a specific goal like training for a spartan race, marathon, or hiking trip or feel you need a more personalized approach to your fitness, 1-1 training is for you.


Pick a Trainer Or Let Us Choose

If you have unique injury needs, you'll work with our team of movement professionals to understand your problem, training through it, and get results. If you’re a female looking to lose weight, we have trainers who specialize in helping women lose unwanted body fat. We have trainers specializing in pre and post natal, women’s health, fat loss, strength, spartan training, endurance, balance and falls, and injury prevention.



With one on one training, we are constantly changing the pace of the sessions, exercises, and nutrition coaching to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

How To Get Started

All one on one training starts with a free Foundation Session. The Foundation Session is your opportunity to see if Village Fitness one on one training would be a good fit for you. Simply call or email with the contact information below to get started.

Inquire About Cost & Session Openings

We believe humans are meant to move often, live well and to eat good food. We’ve written about this in our Core Habits.

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