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Physical Therapy

We started our Physical Therapy business at Village because of the problems we saw in the healthcare world. People are told that things like arthritis, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, obesity, and even cancer are somewhat normal and just a part of the aging process.


Worse, the only solutions being offered are pills, injections or dangerous surgeries. Quick fixes that don’t address the root cause. This causes people to get stuck.


At Village, we don’t think it’s normal to have low back pain. We don’t think it’s normal to have chronic inflammation. We don’t think it’s normal to not know how to choose and cook a nutritious meal.


We believe that YOU have everything you need to be healthy, active, and pain free already written into your DNA. You simply need to right environment to make it happen.

Are You Stuck?


Are you stuck or frustrated with your inability to be active, healthy, and to live the life you want?


Are you tired of the only solutions offered to you being quick fixes like pills, injections, or surgeries?


Do you have the desire to get active, to be healthy, and to live a purposeful life, but

are being held back by aches and pains?


Even though your body has everything it needs to be healthy already programmed into your DNA, it can be impossible to even get started when you’re in pain.


At Village Physical Therapy, we help our clients to get un-stuck. We help them to get out of pain, to get active, to get mobile, and to get started on their journey towards maximizing their potential and becoming the healthiest version of themselves.


If you’re interested in learning more, simply click the “Inquire About Cost And Availability” or “Learn More About What Village Does and Believes” Buttons below.

Where Does It Hurt?

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