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Over the age of 50 and looking to be strong, lean, independent, mobile, and healthy? These are 12 MOST important exercises you need in place in your life. 


Who’s a total bad ass? You are. It’s hard to overstate how important a strong deadlift is on your journey to live to 100 as a healthy, high performing human. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t an exercise for professional athletes. This is for everyday folks who want to know their backbones are not their weakest link.


There’s something epic about being able to lift a big weight over your head. It’s something we instantly realize is important without requiring explanation. But here’s an explanation anyway. When you achieve this standard, you will in fact be able to lift heavy things above your head. And that means your body is able to work together from head to toe not only in strength but also with incredible balance and coordination.


What do you do when the world feels like it's pushing against you? You push back. You push up. This exercise builds everyday strength, tone arms, and helps guys look good in a t-shirt or and women in a sleeveless dress. 


Often regarded as the king of all exercises, the squat achieves a greater sum of flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength than any other single exercise, and thats why this standard is just one rep. This isn’t for the feint of heart, but its also not for professional athletes only. This is something that almost any human can achieve and should strive for if they want to live to 100 as a healthy high performer.


Struggle with low back tweaks from time to time? You can strengthen and bullet-proof your low back from sprains and strains by getting really strong in the Sidebend. This movement strengthens the quadratus lumborum. It brings balance side to side and symmetry to your spine. 


Research shows that appropriately progressed plyometric exercises, like this one, are the single best thing for bone density. Tap into the natural springiness of your body and unlock a fountain of youth. 


Want to beat hip and knee arthritis into the ground and never worry about it again? So many folks live their lives under the worry and stress of being “bone on bone,” but when once you achieve this standard the only thing you’ll be is bad to the bone.

Jefferson Curl 

The Jefferson Curl protects the vertebral discs, lumbar and sciatic nerve from traumatic events while facilitating everyday deep respiration and calm to the nervous system. 


You may have heard to "never take your knees beyond your toes" in training. But much of life is lived with our knees beyond our toes. Think going down the stairs or getting up from the ground. If we train this movement we can be strong and durable and have knees that last a life-time. 


Look mom, no hands! Even with a big weight in your hands, you can now enjoy world-class foot and ankle strength. Remember when they had professional football players start taking ballet to sure up their footwork and body control? This is a little concentrated dose of that


Have you ever had a nagging pain in between your shoulder blades? Have you ever felt like your upper body was just plain weak? Do you want to see toned arms and shoulders when you wear short sleeved shirts? Hitting the pull up standard is the solution to that and so much more. There is something crazy empowering about knowing you can not only lift your entire body through thin air multiple times, but that you can actually add extra weight. We can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!

Top Down Deadlift

Ridiculous levels of protection from traumatic events to the backside of the body including hamstring tears, achilles ruptures, and vertebral disc bulges. Men and women will both boast attractive shoulder blades in shirts, sweaters, and swimsuits!

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