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Are you sick and tired of dealing with low energy levels, chronic aches and pains, and difficulty losing weight and keeping it off? 

Maybe you've tried diets like Weight Watchers and Lindora. You may have lost weight but it came back once you stopped the program. You may have even dabbled in keto or intermittent fasting. I'll bet it worked but simply wasn't sustainable with your life. 

There is so much confusion in the health and fitness world when it comes to nutrition. What you need is a simple, proven, step-by-step plan that WORKS. 

By the year 2048, 100% of American Adults will be overweight or obese.


That's me, you, our kids, our grandkids. All of us. If we don't do something different.


The prevailing wisdom is that we just need to eat less and move more. But we have the data to show that this doesn't work. A 9-year, 5000 person study showed that exercise and caloric restriction fails in the long-run.


So what do we need instead? We need to change our understanding of healthy eating from a mathematical formula to a conversation.


It's not about calories in and calories out. The food we eat is like a language that tells our very genetic code to express health or disease. To express leanness or obesity.


So how can we communicate well with our bodies?


We need to get rid of some fake, toxic foods and add back in missing nutrients and real food. We need to speak kindly to our bodies.


PHASE I: The Break-Up

Break-Up with your bad habits


During Phase 1 we go after the biggest offenders to your metabolism- basic stuff hiding in plain sight that is making you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Once a food journal has been started, you’ll learn how to eliminate toxic vegetable oils, excessive carbohydrates, habitual snacking, and chronic dehydration once and for all. Most of our clients are horrified by the amount of toxic food they’ve been putting in their bodies yet surprised and delighted to find that change doesn’t have to be that complicated. Our clients finish phase I with a clean kitchen, a clean conscience, and a cleaner metabolism than they’ve had in years.


  • Oils

  • Carbs

  • Food Journal

  • Water

  • Eat Healthy Fats


PHASE II: The Break-Through

Break-through new barriers with the best foods and behaviors of healthy high performers.


Phase II takes everything you did in phase I and turns it up a notch. Ever wondered which “superfoods” are truly superfoods? Ever wondered if intermittent fasting actually lives up to the hype? By the end of this phase, our clients know how choose things like probiotics, sprouted greens and organ meats to bulletproof their immune systems, cool inflammation, and maximize their ability to burn fat for fuel. They’ll even get to put their new fat burning metabolism’s to the test with a step by step approach to fasting. Cravings? Snacking? Junk food? Energy Crashes? Those things will be so far behind in the dust you’ll hardly remember the old you!


  • IF

  • Source Responsibly

  • Raw Dairy

  • Fermented, Sprouted, and Awful

  • The right ratios

  • Sleep and sun


PHASE III: The Unbreakable

Like a formidable mountain peak veiled in swirling clouds, Phase III is an exciting, challenging journey to the unknown. It’s not for everyone, but for those willing to climb higher, the results will prove them Unbreakable.


  • Advanced IF

  • Hot and Cold

  • Misogi

  • Be a nutrition leader

  • Cooking

  • Start a garden

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