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3 Best Stretches For Back Pain For Men 50+

Most of the guys we work with here at Village are recently retired or nearing retirement. There's something about that stage of life that makes people think "Damn. I need to get my health together."

Us men are hard-wired to work. Day after day and year after year. And maybe you felt like you had to put your health on the back-burner to do the 9-5, be a dad from 5-9, and a husband to boot. Now you're staring down the barrels or retirement thinking "How did 30 years of work and raising kids go by so fast? I put my head to work hard and provide for my family and BAM! I woke up one day it's my retirement party at the office."

Retirement is a big deal. Congrats. You go from work as the main focus and way you spend your time to something else. Maybe you are envisioning retirement as time with your spouse on the beach, your grandkids on the playground, or your buddies on the golf course. Yet with many of the guys we work with here at Village, their low back pain casts a dark shadow over that vision.

Tell me if you can relate:

  1. I went to the docs office to get help with my back, got an MRI/X-ray and was told I had ______ (degenerative disks, pinched nerves, arthritis, etc.) and they gave me pain pills and told me to come back if it got worse.

  2. Every time I golf with my buddies, I wind up thinking more about my sore back by the end than enjoying the beer in the 19th hole.

  3. I want to be healthy and exercise so I can lose this belly, but this dang back pain makes it hurt to walk let alone run or lift weights.

Whatever the case, you're 50+, male, and concerned about your back pain.

But don't worry, we've got your back.

My mission is to show up and help as many guys who are 50+ to relieve low back pain and get healthy and active through posts like this, free resources, and great advice. I know that when you're at a place where you need the help of an expert, you'll think of Village.

So, here's a few things you can do from here:

  1. Scroll down and check out those dang stretches already!

  2. Fill out the form below and get our Free Low Back Pain Report. I also call everyone who fills out these reports personally.

  3. Give me a call/email and learn more about how we can work together. or (626) 385-8844

Here are the stretches:

Let me know how this helped in the comments below.

-Dr. Matt

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