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9 Reasons Dianne Lost 40 Pounds

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

98% of all weight-loss diets FAIL.

But weight loss is not IMPOSSIBLE just ask our client of the week, Dianne, who lost 40 pounds with these 7 actions below.

1. She Stopped Drinking Calories

If you want to be lean and healthy, you've realized you can't drink soda. Beer needs to be kept in moderation. Cocktails are a once-in-a-while affair.

Liquid calories are usually high in sugar, leading to big insulin spikes and fat storage.

But what about "healthy" liquid options like Juice and smoothies?

Check out this Green Machine juice from Naked. It touts a "no sugar added" label. Yet when you flip it over, it has a whopping 63 grams of carbs (53 of which are from sugar) and ZERO fiber.

Fruit (which we will cover soon) is high in sugar. It's redeemed somewhat by its fiber content. Juice takes away the fiber and gives you sugar in a hurry.

So what beverages should you drink?

  • Water

  • Sparkling Water with lemon if you want

  • Coffee (a little cream in there is fine)

  • Tea

  • Bone Broth

2. She Got Off The Couch

If you are able to consistently strength train and eat in a way that communicates well with your body, you don't need a coach.

For the 99.9% of the rest of us mere mortals, hiring a coach is one of the BEST investments you can make for your health.

At Village, we do Small Group Personal training. And right now, we are taking new clients for our Total 12 program.

  • 12 weeks of group personal training sessions (two, 50-minute sessions a week)

  • Step-By-Step Nutrition Coaching

  • Educational workshops

  • Accountability

If you're interested, fill out this form and I will get in touch with you.

Ernest, a client of ours has lost OVER 30 pounds since starting our 12-week program in October of 2020.

If you want more information, click HERE.

3. She Avoided Fruit

Get ready for a fruit punch! You wouldn’t start your day with a Pepsi and consider it healthy. But health-conscious people pack their plates full of fruit in the name of good health. Breakfast plates filled with fruits don't get a free pass. Food scientists have bred oranges, apples, and bananas not for nutrient density but for sugar content and shelf life. Most fruit today is high in carbs and sugar. It spikes insulin, leads to fat storage, and makes weight loss harder.

Keep fruit consumption to 1-2 servings per day. Prioritize berries like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries over bananas, oranges, and apples.

4. She Wasn't Deceived By The Deficit

It's all about calories in vs. calories out right? Wrong. Research shows that by cutting 1000 calories a day out of your diet, your metabolism will slow by as much as 30% to make up the difference. This is why the Biggest Loser contestants almost always gain weight back. Feel free to keep track of your calories, but make sure you're also following the tips laid out above.

Weight loss is much more of a hormonal problem (insulin) than a caloric problem. If you focus on keeping insulin levels low instead of ruthlessly cutting calories, you'll not only lose weight, but you'll be much less likely to gain it back.

5. She Didn't Fear Fat

Americans have been conditioned to fear fat. Somewhere around 1950, fat was marked as the reason middle-aged men were dying of heart attacks at increasing rates. Research has proven numerous times that dietary fat doesn't affect cholesterol, heart disease or weight gain. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in giving us energy, supplying the brain with nutrients, and lining various tissues in our bodies.

What have Americans replaced traditional fats with? Synthetic fats, sugar, carbs, and toxic additives. These highly-processed foods are making us fat and sick.

So add fat back into your life and ditch the fake stuff. Eat the bone-in ribeye, salmon, eggs, avocado, olive oil, butter, cream, cheese, and nuts.

We recommend that 70% of your dietary calories come from fat.

6. Chronic Cardio Wasn't Her Thing

The treadmill originated as a torture device for disobedient prisoners. Today, health-conscious Americans spend hours torturing themselves on the treadmill. And they do it because they think it's necessary to lose weight. Yet a single donut would take over an hour to burn off on the treadmill.

You can't burn enough calories through exercise to combat a bad diet. It's like trying to empty the water from a boat with a big hole in it with a small cup. You can't keep up.

Chronic cardio also makes us crave carby foods. This is because it depletes our stores of glucose in the blood and glycogen in our muscles and liver. The body does whatever it needs to do to get you to eat the sugary foods needed to replace those stores quickly. Once the stores are full, you'll store the rest as fat.

Keep your cardio training at a heart rate of 180 minus age. If you're 60 years old, you should be training below a heart rate of 120 MOST of the time.

7. Her Gut Feeling Was Right

New research is linking the bacteria in our gut to weight loss or gain.

Give your gut a fighting chance by packing your diet full of probiotic-rich foods. Foods like Kefir, Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, and kimchi. These are all great ways to add a HUGE new dimension of flavor and nutrient profile to your cooking and nutrition. They keep our gut microbiome healthy and functioning optimally.

8. She Avoided Toxic Oil

Most people no longer cook with vegetable oil or use vegetable oil sprays. But it still sneaks into their salad dressings, cereals, and many other foods.

Research shows vegetable oils are prone to oxidation. When they oxidize, they produce trans fats. We all know trans fats are toxic for human consumption (even in small amounts).

Here's the truth: you CANNOT produce vegetable without creating transfats.

So, get it out of your kitchen and out of your body.

Watch out for.. Corn, Canola, Cottonseed, Soy, Sunflower, Safflower, Grapeseed, & Ricebran

Choose instead Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Ghee, Butter Duck Fat, & Olive oil (low heat only). Even some "Olive Oil" dressings have canola. I'm looking at you, Paul Newman!

9. She Was Surrounded By a Healthy Community

You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. If you have a close friend that's overweight, you are 57% MORE likely to be overweight yourself.

This is because we are communal creatures. We do what we see the people around us do.

If you want to be healthier, surround yourself with healthy people.

At Village, we've created a community of people over the age of 40 striving to maximize their health potential and be examples of health for those around them.

Looking for help?

Fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you.

-Dr. Matt

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