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Don't Skip These 6 Super Foods If You Want To Lose Weight

Dumb question, but I've gotta make sure were on the same page: Would you rather store body-fat or burn it?

If you want to lose weight, the answer is obvious. Burn, baby, burn!

What's even dumber than the question above is the diet advice given by most of the health world which sets well-meaning folks trying to lose weight for utter failure. Eat less fat, eat more grains, and overall, eat less and move more. Yet, American's have been following this advice and we've been getting fatter and sicker.

The problem is that we have a faulty understanding of what ACTUALLY leads to fat storage or burn. Go to your local Orangetheory, Bootcamp, Weight Watchers, etc. and they will tell you it's all about Calories in Vs. Calories out. "Our bodies are like a sink," they say. "Plug the sink and turn on the faucet and what happens? The sink fills up! Unplug the sink and shut off the water and watch the water go down. It's the same with food. Eat more and move less and you'll get fat. Eat less and move more and you'll lose weight."

This is complete B.S. not backed by a shred of scientific evidence.


Yet your body is an intricate wonder, much more complex than a sink. You already have everything you need programmed into your very DNA to be lean, healthy, and have great energy. You simply need to put yourself in the right environment and your body will take care of the rest. There is an army of hormones designed to keep your body in balance. If you reduce calories in and up calories out, everything in your physiology will go to work to restore balance.

The only way to truly lose weight is to understand and optimize your hormones.

Weight loss is about hormones not calories.

The primary hormone we need to understand for losing or storing body fat is Insulin. This hormones role is to direct food energy to either be stored as fat or burned as fuel. Eat foods and keep lifestyle habits which spike insulin and you'll be fatter. Eat foods and have lifestyle habits which decrease insulin and you'll be less fat. It's simple.

So what increases and decreases insulin?

What increases insulin?

❌ Foods high in carbs

❌ Foods high in fructose

❌ Stress

What decreases insulin?

✅ Foods low in carbs

✅ Fibrous Foods

✅ Vinegar

The best 6 foods for optimizing hormones and losing fat

1. Avocado 🥑

With over 13 grams of fiber per serving and a mind-boggling amount and variety of nutrients for how small they are, Avocados should be a daily part of your diet.

2. Pistachios

You'd be nuts not to eat pistachios! Gotta get those dad jokes in where I can. Pistachios have been linked to weight loss, improved body composition, and balanced blood sugar. They have tons of fiber, nutrients, and are really easy to eat on the go. We keep a bag of these in our car at all times and my picky kids will even eat them.

3. 100% Grass Fed Yogurt

Many health professionals will tell you to avoid dairy if you want to lose weight. If they do tell you to eat dairy, it's usually low fat. Their reasoning is based on manipulated science from the 1950's which has been proven again and again to be false.

It's the fat from dairy which has been linked to solid weight loss outcomes in the science. Make sure to find a yogurt that's 100% grass fed as it will have a favorable ratio of Omega 3:6 fats which play a critical role in the inflammatory process in the body. Yogurt is also packed with beneficial bacteria which give your gut the power it needs to keep your metabolism running optimally. There is a whole field of research on how the poop of lean people is different from that of obese people.

Our favorite yogurt brands are Stonyfield and Maple Hill. Make sure to get full-fat and 100% grass-fed. If you live local to Glendora, we sell them both here.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

My College wrestling coach insisted that a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar every day was the best thing you could to boost your immune system. While I don't know about Apple Cider Vinegar and immune system, I can tell you for sure that it will wake you up!

In a study on Apple Cider Vinegar, 144 obese adults were assigned to take either 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of vinegar, 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of vinegar, or a vinegar-flavored placebo daily for 12 weeks.

They were told to maintain their usual diet and level of activity.

By the end of the trial, participants who took 1 tablespoon of vinegar per day lost an average of 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg) and those in the 2-tablespoon-per-day group lost 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg). They also had small decreases in body fat, waist size, and triglycerides.

And the placebo group? They ended up gaining just under a pound (0.4 kg).

Now, you don't have to shoot it straight. I make a delicious salad dressing with the following:

5. Raspberries

Bananas and apple, the two most commonly consumed fruits in the US both average over 30 grams of carbs (mostly sugar) per piece. That's about a third of the carbs you should eat in an entire day all in one piece of fruit!

If you want to add a little sweetness to your life, go with raspberries instead. They have a lower sugar content per serving and pack enough fibrous punch to make Metamucil jealous.

6. Eggs

Long vilified for their cholesterol-raising chicanery, eggs have been shown again and again to improve health outcomes and opposed to make them worse. They are filling and contain and excellent balance of protein and fat. You can also get a pasture raised, well sourced serving of eggs for WAY less than it would cost to get a serving of well-sourced beef, chicken, or fish.

Looking for some help on your journey?

We have helped thousands of people over the age of 50 to navigate the murky waters of health and get REAL results. To lose weight. To increase energy levels. To get healthy. Just like Teressa! Check out her story:

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