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Village Principle: Prioritize Veggies- Microgreens

Youth is wasted on the young. Especially for young broccoli. 🥦

Everybody knows that broccoli is REALLY healthy. The reason, in part, is because of a powerful compound called sulforaphane. Sulforaphane turns on the NRF-2 Antioxidant pathway to mop up oxidative stress in the body.

🥦🥦🥦But you’d have to eat a TON of regular broccoli to get enough sulforaphane to make a dent in your health and it needs to be raw. But broccoli sprouts on the other hand, are typically eaten raw AND they are 100X more potent than broccoli with sulforaphane.

You can add them on top of 🥗salads, 🍲soups, and even your 🥑avocado toast.

But I’ll bet you didn’t see broccoli 🌱 sprouts at home last time you checked the produce section at Vons 🏬 Most farmers markets I’ve been to in the last few years have a micro green stand.

Better yet, they are the EASIEST thing to grow at home 🏡. Green thumb not required 🌱. All you do is open them up and add 💧. 3 days later, viola! You’ve got microgreens.

📚Here’s what the research says:

  1. Kills cancer cells and protects healthy cells. (R)

  2. Prevent obesity. Mice fed sulforaphane along with an obesity-promoting diet gained 15% less weight and had 20% less visceral fat deposits compared to mice that weren't fed sulforaphane with their diets. (R)

  3. Improve symptoms of autism in people. (R)

  4. Protect against harmful gut bacteria and reduce gut inflammation. (R)

  5. Improve liver function. (R)

  6. Aide in the detoxification of air pollutants. (R)

  7. Prevent autoimmunity. (R)

  8. Promote hair growth by degrading DHT, which is responsible for male-pattern baldness. (R)

  9. Protect against UV-induced skin damage. (R)

  10. Reduce inflammation in the brain. (R)

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