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Village Product Review: Manukitchen Spatula

🍽 One of the keys to health is cooking at home🏡. You can make cooking at home a lot more likely if you have nice cookware and you look forward to using it. Anything that makes eating healthy more likely provides immense value. Do you need nice cookware to make delicious and healthy food? No. But it does make it more likely to happen.😋

I sound like such a dad when I say this, but I love a good spatula. Dr. Erik came over to my house a few years back, used one of my spatulas, and told me I had to stop what I was doing right away to buy the MANUKITCHEN spatula. So I obliged.

When I got it, I realized why. This thing is over-built to the teeth. You can set it flat side down and the weight of the steel holds it flat. It’s strong enough to scrap the grit off cast iron without bending at all. 🍳

🆕 I’ve used it heavily for the last few years and it still looks brand new.

The best part: It’s only $25 💰 I give this bad boy 5 stars.

Purchase Here on AMAZON


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