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If you’ve been dealing with low back pain for months to years, chances are you’ve tried various treatments and didn’t find permanent, lasting relief. That’s why you’re reading this book. Maybe you’ve tried taking pain pills, gotten injections, or even had a failed surgery. You’re frustrated, worried about the future, but you haven’t given up hope. 


When you set out to solve a problem like easing back pain, you will inescapably reach a point where the only way forward is to do something different. After all, what you are really seeking is change, and how can things change if what you do is the same? But this point, this inevitable, pivotal point of choice always comes with a question. And that question is: “How do I know if this will work?”


This isn’t just the big question our clients ask before they sign on the dotted line. It is the question we at Village pursue day after day after day. After all our years working with thousands of people just like you, we think we may have a start to the answer to that question. And the answer was right under our noses the whole time. It’s you. You see, you came to us with problems, and we solved them together. You came to us with goals, and together we achieved them. Together we navigated the unknown, overcame setbacks, and ultimately felt the joy of a work accomplished. Through it all, we learned exactly which characteristics defined the most successful version of you. 


These highly successful characteristics are named in the following 12 principles. They are full of old and new wisdom. Some are backed by irrefutable science. Others push boundaries. While it is always easier and safer to stay in the comfort zone of convention, it has become apparent that this comfort zone is a breeding ground for all sorts of modern illnesses. Low back pain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia, arthritis, chronic pain, and the aftermath of pharmaceutical and surgical errors are choking our society of its life and liberty. We cannot stand by idly.


Note: We did not write these principles specifically for people with low back pain. Yet, implementing these 12 principles into your life will create an environment within your body where you are very unlikely to have low back pain. Furthermore, these principles extend beyond pain into other areas of health, like losing weight, managing inflammation, avoiding chronic diseases, and preserving your mental health. 


Know this: Anyone can follow these principles, but following them will make you different. We live in a sick world — your vibrant health will stick out like a sore thumb. Sometimes people will praise you; sometimes they will mock you. If you are ready for this, you are ready for these principles. They are not so dogmatic as to micromanage your behavior, but they are specific enough to be understood and measured. These are the Village Principles.

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